Who Are We?

At Ruff Greens, most of our team members are Dog Owners. Sometimes, they even bring them to work, which is just fine with us. It makes for a much better work environment. Like You, We Are Dog People Too! Our Promise to You: If we wouldn't take it home to our Dogs... we won't send it home to Yours!

Ruff Greens, We Bring Your Dog's Food To Life.


Our Mission is to always exceed industry standards and our customer’s expectations with every interaction as evidenced by outstanding quality products, exceptional communication and timely product delivery at a reasonable price.


To advance the quality of the lives of pets while serving as an indispensable provider of quality pet products and advice to our customers and to proactively anticipate their additional pet needs.

Our Top of the Line Facility

Our Ruff Greens® products are expertly crafted right here in the USA and we closely monitor and test ingredients every step of the process. We know exactly what is in every bag of Ruff Greens®, where those ingredients came from and who made them. Ruff Greens® products are manufactured in a FDA Registered facility.

Our Human Grade All-Natural Ingredients

At Ruff Greens® our commitment to using only the Highest Quality All-Natural Human Grade ingredients insures that your pet will consistently receive the best pet nutrition available on the market today. Our primary goal is to always support you and your pet with the best nutrition available now and for the rest of their lives because like you, we are “Pet Parents” too.

Our Commitment to Quality and Safety

We insure that every batch is perfectly blended the exact same way every time to insure that you get the same color, taste and ingredients in every bag of Ruff Greens®.

We track and test every single ingredient that comes into our facility to insure that it meets or exceeds our strict safety & quality standards BEFORE we allow it to enter into the main area of the building. Once the all-natural ingredients have passed all of our rigid quality & safety testing, they then enter into the blending area. After our ingredients are blended properly and have passed all of our quality and safety checks, then and only then is Ruff Greens® ready to be packaged and sent to you for your Fur Buddy’s enjoyment.