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Amy Clark
Not enough

In order to feed 2 tbsp daily for my giant breed dog, there doesn’t seem to be enough product in the bag to last a month.

Paul and Rachael Hectus
Thank you!

Our elderly dog doesn't eat much because he is a picky eater. We've begun cooking for him to help boost appetite, but ruffgreens has made all the difference. Before it he was sluggish and appeared to be depressed (staying on the bed sleeping all day). Once we started adding ruffgreens to his food, he had more energy and actually gets up during the day to explore the house and yard. Your product has returned our dog to better health and, I believe, given him a new lease on life!

John Spiteri
👍🏼Grrreat !!

We loved Ruff Greens ‼️It did all the wonderful things it claimed to. Only problem is we have three healthy dogs and at such a cost we can no longer afford to purchase it

Wendy Cooper
Share thoughts....

I tried the sample and then a 1 order but after using the trial and a few weeks of the order I didn't smell or see any difference with my 15 yr old beagle Mylo.

Rita Phifer

Ruff Greens, Regular Size

Olive- German Shepherd
Immediate results

I usually don’t leave reviews but I had to after my dogs years long skin condition improved within days of starting Ruff Greens. Im a believer. Worth every penny.

Barry Hawkins

I will wait to form my opinion until I receive my next shipment and dog has had sufficient time on the product.
To my knowlege I have only received the small test package. When is my first regular size going to ship?

Cathy Craft
Skye and Chloe

My two standard poodles eat there dry dog food better when I put Ruff Greens on it without it they do not eat it as well. I feel like I'm feeding them something healthy now. Think you

C Birt
Happy Paws

My girl has always been a foodie but now she beats me to the food barrel. The boy was a picky eater. Not Now !!

Danny Kline

I have request to cancel our monthly delivery of Ruff green. Our older dog seems to like it but our younger dog will not eat it at all.
I seems to be a good product but does not work well for our dogs.
We tried.