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Ruff Greens is All-In-One Natural Nutriton.

You Can Pronounce Our Ingredients

Essential all natural vitamins and minerals from Non-GMO plant based whole foods - No chemically synthesized vitamins or minerals.

Proper Digestion, Better Nutrition

Natural Digestive Enzymes that are proven to help your Furry Friend break down and absorb the nutrients in their food.

Probiotics to Balance Their Gut

Strains of powerfully beneficial probiotics to support healthy digestive and immune system function.

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What's Missing in Your Pet's Bowl?

Most commercial dog and cat foods lack vital live nutrients due to the cooking process. Ruff Greens infuses your pet's meal with live vitamins, minerals, probiotics, digestive enzymes, and omega oils, sourced and made in the USA.


Ruff Greens® contains over 20 Strains of Natural Digestive Enzymes that are proven to help your Furry Friend break down and absorb the nutrients in their food.


Strains of Powerfully Beneficial Probiotics to Support Healthy Digestive and Immune System Function.

Omega 3, 6, & 9
Fatty Acids

Our Omegas Support a Shiny Healthy Coat and Less Skin Irritation. Omega Fatty Acids are Great for Helping Support Brain, Joint, Heart and Immune Function.

VitaSmart Is Your Solution.

A power-packed supplement that effortlessly mixes with your dog's existing food, providing instant nutrition and long term health benefits.

Ruff Greens, K9 VitaSmart


Adds life to your dog's food with a simple scoop. Notice improvements in your dog’s vitality and overall health.

Meow Greens, Kitty Kitty VitaSmart


Live vitamins, minerals, probiotics and digestive enzymes that are specifically formulated for cats.

4.5 Stars from over 20,000 healthy pets.

I was very skeptical about trying Ruff Greens. I was sure my dog wouldn't eat it. BOY! Was I wrong! My dog LOVES Ruff Greens. Now, he only eats the food I put Ruff Greens on. He has so much more energy! Thank You So Much.

Melanie H - Adairsville, GA

I have a problem with ruff greens! I cannot keep up with this crazy dog! I want more, so tell me what to do. I am so happy to see what ruff greens has done for Blue. Thank you!

Dianne H - Sanger, CA

Very happy to say that my dog actually does eat this product willingly. I have tried many vitamin and probiotic supplements that she turns her nose away from and refuses. Impressed by the ingredient list compared to other supplements as ...

Susan B M - Waynesville, NC

My Terrier mixes are 15 and they both like the greens sprinkled on their food. The older acting dog does seem to feel better and is more active after only 10 days !!!!

David R - Salinas, CA

Ever since we started mixing the ruffgreens to Piper's ???? food, she always finish her food. She loves this product so much. We also noticed that since she started taking ruffgreens, her furr is more fuller, softer, brighter, and beauti...

Ren S - Fairview, TX

We have a 6 year old cocker spaniel that has had some behavior issues over food and never seemed satisfied. He also has allergies. We are only a few days into our 14 day supply but we can already see an improvement. He is eating very wel...

Barbara L - Mount Airy, NC

Took Toby a few days to get used to the VitaSmart, but he seems to love it now. Too early to see a change in his behavior yet, but I am seeing some moves from his younger self. Definitely going to continue to see if he responds.

Beau L - Mason, OH

He loves it! He will ignore his food until we mix it in and then it is gone! I haven't been giving it to him long enough to see if it helps his overall health a lot but it is a great start!

Michele P - SANDWICH, IL