Poisoning Your Dog? Check This Out…

Poisoning Your Dog? Check This Out…

It’s pretty obvious the most risk to your pet are the toxic agents found around your home.

Most household and automotive cleaning products as well as some plants, foods, and other human prescriptions have been the culprit in most poisoning cases reported.

FOODS. It may come as no surprise that Chocolate is the most commonly ingested dog poison. Some other food sources that you may not know are coffee, coffee beans, avocados, citrus fruits, grapes, raisins, nuts, garlic, coconut, and anything that contains Xylitol.

PLANTS. This one may surprise you! There are more than 1,000 varieties of common plants that can be toxic to pets. Here are a few of the more common plants that are toxic and should be avoided: Poinsettia, Azaleas, Aloe Vera, Oleander, Hydrangea, Philodendron, Lilies, English Ivy, and Dieffenbachia.

HUMAN MEDICATIONS. Even though some vets may prescribe similar medications that humans take, the doses will be appropriate for the dog. Most all human medications are not appropriate for your dog and most doses are too strong to be used by your fuzzy friend.

CLEANING PRODUCTS. Most of the same cleaning products that are toxic to humans are toxic for your pet as well. Bleach, anti-freeze, ammonia, as well as most all caustic cleaners should be placed in sealed containers and located where your pet cannot get them. One last caution, most items that are found in bathrooms provide a poisoning risk as well. Nail polish, sunscreen, toothpaste, shampoo, soaps, mouthwash as well as most cosmetics and grooming products present a risk to your pet as well.

What to Watch For

If your dog displays any of the following symptoms, either mild or severe, call your veterinarian immediately:

  •  Pale Gums
  •  Lack of Appetite
  •  Vomiting or diarrhea
  •  Excessive Drooling
  •  Seizure or Tremors
  •  Lethargy or Restlessness
  •  Collapse

The ASPCA has a dog poison control line that’s available 24/7 if your dog does ingest something it shouldn’t have: 888-426-4435.

Written By

Dennis Black, NMD
Dennis Black, NMD

Dr. Black is former Army Ranger, a Helicopter Pilot, Stage 4 Cancer Survivor and a Naturopathic Doctor living in Dallas, Tx. For decades, Dr. Black has shown thousands of people how to get healthy using Natural protocols. When those same people asked him to create something to get their pets healthy, he rose to the challenge and created the Ruff Greens Family of Products.