K9 Veteran’s Day

K9 Veteran’s Day

Military operations would not go as smoothly as they usually do today without our furry friends.

There are two main K9 units in the various branches of the military, the Military Working Dogs (MWDs) as well as the Multi-Purpose Canine (MPC).

The Military Working Dogs provide a variety of tasks across all service branches: law enforcement, drug detection, security, protection, explosives detection, as well as tracking.

The most well-trained, “cool under pressure” dogs are the Multi-Purpose Canine dogs. They are specifically selected and trained to handle even the most stressful situations. Barking is forbidden.

They are exposed to gunfire, rappelling out of helicopters, riding in Zodiac boats, and even skydiving. One was used (Cairo, a Belgian Malinois) in the SEAL Team Six mission to capture bin Laden.

These dogs are utilized primarily in the Special Operation Forces (SOF) of Navy SEALs, Delta Force and Army Ranger Units.

Each branch of military service has their own K9 programs that thoroughly prepares dogs for the specific tasks and tough jobs that lie ahead.

  • Coast Guard – Narcotic intervention and explosive detection
  • Marine Corps – Drug and explosive detection, high-profile official security
  • Navy – Explosive and drug detection
  • Air Force – Security as well as explosive and weapon detection
  • Army – Security, explosive detection, attack, subdue, detain, and covert operations

Today there are more than 1,600 US military working canines in the United States and  around the world.

Each K9 has its own rank as an NCO (non-commissioned officer) and are given a rank higher than their handler.

While I did not personally work with any K9 unit during my service they are a tremendous asset when it comes to maintaining our freedom.

American military K9 units have served with honor, sacrifice, and distinction for 80 years, let’s honor them today, K9 Veterans Day.

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Dennis Black, NMD
Dennis Black, NMD

Dr. Black is former Army Ranger, a Helicopter Pilot, Stage 4 Cancer Survivor and a Naturopathic Doctor living in Dallas, Tx. For decades, Dr. Black has shown thousands of people how to get healthy using Natural protocols. When those same people asked him to create something to get their pets healthy, he rose to the challenge and created the Ruff Greens Family of Products.