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Ruff Greens Reviews and Ratings

  1. Corbin E. (Verified Owner) ,

    My older dog has a lot more pep throughout the day. Thank you.

  2. Cathleen C. (Verified Owner) ,

    I’m giving four stars because overall it was a good experience. The package arrived on time. The product looked and smelled fresh. The quality was good. However it upset my dogs stomach. I have a beagle and his tummy is very sensitive so I started out a little at a time to slowly introduce the product in his food. He didn’t dislike the taste but it upset his tummy and I had to stop. I would never tell anyone to not buy this product. I would definitely try this again should I have the opportunity. As with any supplement it’s going to work on some and not on others. I would recommend this to a friend.

  3. Kendra M. (Verified Owner) ,

  4. joe h. (Verified Owner) ,

  5. Jennifer S. (Verified Owner) ,

  6. Kara J. (Verified Owner) ,

    Our dog, Alex has been on Ruff Greens for 4 days now and has not scratched at all, his fur feels fantastic, we are so happy about your product. We’ll be ordering more! Thank you! Heard about you on Mark Levin show!

  7. Molly C. (Verified Owner) ,

    I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your product. Our dog Darby, a very large, eleven year old German Shepherd, is doing much better since we have been supplementing her diet, with Ruff Greens. Her skin issues have cleared up, she seems perkier and less lethargic. She is on joint supplements but her joints seem to bother her less, on Ruff Greens.
    Again, Thank you for your product.

  8. Theresa M. (Verified Owner) ,

    I just wanted to take a moment and say thank you for making Ruff Greens!
    While there is not many things that our 202 lbs Mastiff, Groot won’t eat, we try to give him quality products. A few years ago it was brought to our attention that most dog food actually comes from China and some have been found to have toxins ( shocking I know). Since then we have committed to only buying food that is produced in the USA. We appreciate your product, this will now be a staple for our fur babies. Thanks again.

  9. Angela S. (Verified Owner) ,

    I ordered Ruff Greens a few weeks ago, while watching the Glenn Beck show on the Blaze. If his dog loved it, I felt sure mine would too! My 4 year old miniature Dachshund, Parker, loved it at once! I put it in his water and he lapped up the whole bowl, much to my surprise! Quinn, my 14 year old Shepherd/Boxer mix,, was a bit more reluctant and didn’t seem enthused at first, but I kept sprinkling it on her food daily and after a week, she was eagerly awaiting her food in the morning, and gobbling it down. I have noticed a definite increase in energy, especially in Quinn. She is licking herself a LOT less and running around the yard. That’s different for her, as she is usually to be found sleeping at her age. Her eyes seems brighter and she’s happier overall, probably due to regular and normal bowel movements She still eats grass, but not at all like she used to. I am looking forward to seeing her health continue to improve on Ruff Greens. Thank you for a wonderful product that does everything you say it does.

  10. Debra K. (Verified Owner) ,

    We have two large dogs, one extremely fussy (a St Bernard) and one that will eat anything (golden black lab cross). When we first started supplementing the K9 VitaSmart, I was worried the fussy one wasn’t going to eat it. I cut her back slightly on how much I had been feeding her so she would be a little bit hungrier, but she still needs a little encouragement. So far, I’ve been adding water to their dry food (I was doing this prior also) with the supplement stirred in. She always waits until I add just a tiny portion of special treat before she will begin to eat but once she starts, she doesn’t stop until she licks her bowl clean! Both dogs seem more active than they had been, which I didn’t think would be possible with the golden lab. They both have appointments with the vet coming up soon so that should be interesting. Thank you Ruff Greens!

  11. Jeff T. (Verified Owner) ,

    This is truly amazing. Our older dogs waits for her food now before many times she wouldn’t finish eating now she eats it all and even licks the bowl clean. She has joint problems and was hard for her to get up now being on this she gets up from the ground a lot easier now. If you have a dog I highly recommend trying this.

  12. Mindy M. (Verified Owner) ,

    It has been about a month since I got Pollo Ruff Greens. He is a six year old Manchester Terrier mix. I have been waiting to write a review because I can’t believe the difference.
    I adopted Pollo five years ago. He always had a sensitive stomach. For about the last year he wouldn’t eat his breakfast until he ate grass and threw up. Also, his bowel movements were runny. He would wake us up at night to go out.
    I took him to the Vet and it was going to cost a lot of money for X-rays and test. So I decided to try Ruff Greens instead.
    I gave Pollo his first dose with his night meal. The next morning he ate his breakfast with out eating grass. To this day he has yet to eat grass again. He is sleeping through the night and his bowel movements are back to normal.
    So, Thank you for a great product. Mindy

  13. Kara J. (Verified Owner) ,

    Our dog, Alex was having a rough time with his yearly bout of allergies but after trying just one Ruff Green twice, his scratching and licking stopped quickly and his fur is so soft and shiny! We are so happy that we heard about your product on the radio. Thank you for making our little Alex feel and look so much better!

  14. Anthony T. (Verified Owner) ,

    She is a very picky eater she is eating her food with the ruff Greens added but at the same frequency I’ve not noticed much of a change in her as it’s been such a short time.

  15. Vanessa H. (Verified Owner) ,

    In just a few days I’ve noticed that my dogs’ coats are softer, and they really enjoy eating now! They used to just pick at their food, but now both of them eat full bowls right away.

  16. Franck M. (Verified Owner) ,

    This stuff really works. My boy Chuckles has lung cancer and I got Ruff Greens to see if it would help in any way. His eyes were dull and he wasn’t eating like he used to. I’m at the end of the first 14 days and his eyes are bright again and he’s eating with gusto. He’s also more active. Hopefully it will extend his life for a while longer. Thank you for this wonderful product.

  17. Douglas C. (Verified Owner) ,

    My 13 year old dog ate like a 2 year old for a week. She is still emptying her bowl daily. She loves it.

  18. Michelle P. (Verified Owner) ,

    We have 3 Akita’s all seniors (ages 7,9,10). They don’t particularly like the taste of Ruff Greens and the youngest one won’t eat it. The two older pare getting use to it and we mix it in their dry food with a chicken or egg topping to ensure they eat it all.

    I have noticed less itching and licking their paws and more energy and playfulness since start them on Ruff Greens.

  19. Shane S. (Verified Owner) ,

  20. Lawrence M. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have bought my dog many kinds of supplements.My dog would eat it but not very much and she just kind of shied away from it. But when it comes to rough greens not only will she eat it up then she will finish off by licking the plate clean.
    She has more energy her code is nice and soft and the ruff greens are just a total treat for her.
    We are very happy to discover ruff greens.

  21. Catherine C. (Verified Owner) ,

  22. Patricia L. (Verified Owner) ,

  23. TONYA D. (Verified Owner) ,

    I ordered the 14 Day JumpStart of Ruff Greens K9 VitaSmart so i could test it on my dog. But since my dog is 65 pounds, the recommended dosage is double (2 tablespoons daily instead of 1 tablespoon) so i ran out of the product after 7 days. Unfortunately I didn’t see any changes in my dog during that time. He didn’t seem to care for it either. I sprinkled it on his food and he would sniff it and walk away. He only ate it when he got hungry. If you don’t cancel the JumpStart before the 14 days ends, it will automatically renew your subscription for $50 for a 30 day supply. I didn’t want to pay that since i didn’t see any changes in my dog, so i cancelled before it renewed. I’m giving it 3 stars since it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t amazing either.

  24. Tiffany R. (Verified Owner) ,

    My Labrador retriever who is 9 years old has had noticeably increased energy in the past two weeks since giving him Ruff Greens and is running faster than he has in a few years. Thank you for giving life back to my dog!

  25. James M. (Verified Owner) ,

  26. Lyllian M. (Verified Owner) ,

  27. Mary L. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dog Bella woofs it up! I give it to her twice a day she loves it.

  28. Debra H. (Verified Owner) ,

    Our 10-yo husky was limping and having a hard time getting around when I heard about Ruff Greens, so we tried the trial package. Within a few days he was walking normally and everyday since we can tell that he feels better! He’s even got some giddy-up in his step. We are thrilled at the outcome. Oh – and yes, both of our dogs love to eat now. THANK YOU Ruff Greens!

  29. Julie S. (Verified Owner) ,

    Wiley showed improvement after 2 weeks, has more energy, so we are going to stay with it and see how he does. Wiley is 11 years old. Would recommend this for all our fur babies.

  30. Faye M. (Verified Owner) ,

  31. Joan L. (Verified Owner) ,

    Hello! Just wanted to say Thank You for such a wonderful product! We love what it is doing for our dog Gable! I’ve never seen him lie down at his food dish and lick every last inch of it. His coat is already taking on a shine! We are finishing up our 14 day Quick Start and our full sized bag cant get here soon enough! Thank you again! Joan Lentini and Gable ( after Clark?)

  32. Rebecca B. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have a 8 month old toy poodle. He’s been a really picky eater since 3 months old. Started adding the Greens in his dry food about a week ago and SUCCESS!! He loves his food now!! Can’t believe how good the ingredients are and I want my puppy to have a long heathy life! Your product is AMAZING!!!

  33. Susan W. (Verified Owner) ,

    So far, so good!! Our dog… an almost 10 yr old chihuahua had ACL surgery in Feb 2020. He’s always been a good eater but as he’s aging I was concerned with keeping him healthy. Especially joints and teeth (breath). He loves the Ruff greens. Didn’t hesitate to eat it after a few sniffs. 😁 As I said so far, do good. We haven’t used it for very long but I’m hoping for good results.

  34. Bryan G. (Verified Owner) ,

    I adopted a Jack Russel terrier a few years ago he was around 10 years old at the time making him around 13 now. At first he responded immediately in a positive way, he noticed it on his food, he seemed to be somewhat neutral on the taste, maybe unsure if he like it or not but did eat it. But he did start to have more energy, wanting to play more etc. This was within a day or so of first eating Ruff Greens. But then almost as fast he seemed like his energy fell in the opposite direction, almost like he was “crashing” from a temporary energy boost. I haven’t given him any for about a week or so, I am going to try more gradually to add it to his food, I may have added to much to start , not sure. Then if he responds positively I will order a larger quantity. I did not want and automatic delivery with the uncertainty and also he is a small dog at approx 16 pounds so I’m not sure if the larger bag would be used in a month for the automatic delivery. FYI, maybe adding some to a treat with pocket design for pills? I will try again shortly, hopefully I will be ordering more as long as automatic deliveries are not required.

  35. John S. (Verified Owner) ,

  36. Ralph H. (Verified Owner) ,

    She has her energy back.

  37. Dan P. (Verified Owner) ,

    My German Shepard is 8 years old,in the last 2 years she has started having serious intestinal problems. These problems led to diharea, agitation and frequent urination. Constantly at the vet spending thousands of dollars we were about done. Then we found vita smart,we tried it and what a difference,no diharea no excessive urination and most of all our dog seemed happier and not in pain.
    I believe I have found the solution.
    Dan P.

  38. Rebecca G. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have a senior golden. She got to the point where she would not eat dog food of any type and was beginning to lose weight. I started making dog food at home but was concerned she wasn’t getting all the nutrients she needs. I am on week 2 of the 14 day trial. She is eating again she licks the bike for any ruff greens remaining in the bowl. So far so good.

  39. Steve T. (Verified Owner) ,

    When I put a teaspoon of K9 VitaSmart into my dog’s food, she slowly sniffed her food, walked away, then came back and devoured her entire bowl. Ever since that first day she eats her entire bowl in one setting and that never happened for the first two years of her life. Besides her eating, Tia has always had flakes of dry skin on her coat, but now, there are no white flakes on her black coat. Her coat looks great. Lastly, her energy has not only increased, but also she sleeps so much better. Thank you so much Ruff Greens. Steve Thompson

  40. Susan E. (Verified Owner) ,

    First of all shipping was fast and I was happy that it came with a pamphlet telling me about the product. My dog is only 1 1/2 with no health issues and eats well so I can’t say that I’ve noticed any change in him yet, nor did I expect to but I put him on this ruff greens supplement because I want him to have optimal health. I make homemade dog food and rarely give him kibble but I can never be sure if the home cooked food has ALL of the vitamins and minerals that he needs so when I sprinkle the greens in I feel that I’m giving him the very best meals that I can. I got the trial package but will definitely continue purchasing it.

  41. Ronald M. (Verified Owner) ,

  42. Petra S. (Verified Owner) ,

    My 2 dogs, brother and sister Cash and June, have suffered from allergies, which recently had gotten worse. I was shocked that within 30 minutes after their first try of Ruff Greens they stopped licking and biting. The texture of their coats is much softer and they love their Ruff Greens. Ruff Greens has made an unbelievable difference and they seem much happier. We have recommended it to others as well.

  43. Blake P. (Verified Owner) ,

    My Furry Son, has been eating VitaSmart K9. But as of now, I have not seen any change. I will keep monitoring him, it maybe too early to tell.

  44. Celeste W. (Verified Owner) ,

    Scruffy is our 20 year plus old little trooper; a corded coat Havanese. Although I have cooked food for him for many years, he has been losing ground. He suffered belly aches accompanied with horrible eliminations at least twice a week recently. Since we started the Ruff Greens, he is waiting at his food bowl and cleans it like he did when he was a puppy! His fur looks healthier and he has more energy. Thank you for enhancing his quality of life which was in serious question.

  45. Blake A. (Verified Owner) ,

    The Ruff Greens K 9 Vita Start has been a good start for my 10 year old Beagle, “Penny Lou”.
    She is currently suffering from a cancerous mouth tumor, of which the doctors said that she had maybe 6 months, but a year and a half later, she is still going . The K9 Vita Start seems to have given her more energy, and she is not limping from stiffness like she was. I am excited to try the supplement pack that will be coming soon. Thanks Guys!!

  46. Shelley M. (Verified Owner) ,

  47. Marci T. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have two dogs one a Boston who had repeated elevated liver enzymes. After a week their coats were shiny and soft and they smelled better. Plus my little Boston’s blood work came back normal! Sticking with Ruff Greens!

  48. Karel M. (Verified Owner) ,

  49. Dustin J. (Verified Owner) ,

  50. Darlene S. (Verified Owner) ,

    My family fur member Cooper seems to enjoy this product…did not turn his picky nose up to it. Although I only purchased the 14 day trial and awaiting my first monthly shipment. I will reserve my complete review until 30 days have passed. I do find that the product is pricey and so far that is the reason for the 3 stars.

  51. Robert K. (Verified Owner) ,

    So far it is too early to tell if it’s helping. All I know is that my dogs like it with or without putting it in their food. They like it straight out of the bag.

  52. Robert K. (Verified Owner) ,

    The product itself is pretty great. Customer service is also awesome! I am giving 3 stars because the bag for both “the 14 day trial” and the “30 day supply” is clearly not for a dog that requires 2 tablespoons a day. You run out way too quickly. My suggestion would be to ask customers in the beginning about the size of their dog and send an actual 30 day supply for a dog that size. Otherwise I will recommend my friends to DinoVites. Obviously they are created for large dogs.

  53. Susan A. (Verified Owner) ,

  54. Debra F. (Verified Owner) ,

    Charlie is a picky eater. Adding ruff greens to his food he now gobbles it up.

  55. Thomas J. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have a very picky English Setter, who turns her nose up at almost anything. She didn’t like Ruff Greens either. I have had to sneak it into her wet food, and by the end of the day, it might be gone. She never had bad breath, but it is sweeter now.

  56. Virginia M. (Verified Owner) ,

  57. Timothy H. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have been using Ruff Greens for close to 2 weeks now. Sugar is almost 10 years old and has a better apatite than I’ve seen in the 3 years I have had her. I’m hoping to know more about her health in a couple weeks

  58. Linnea C. (Verified Owner) ,

  59. Corey G. (Verified Owner) ,

  60. Margaret A K. (Verified Owner) ,

    I am using the 14-day start up, and so far I can only get my dog to eat the VitaSmart if I hide it in a peanut butter sandwich. He won’t take it on his food or in his water, even though I started with a very small amount. I’m so glad I could get the trial pack — I’ll keep trying because I think VitaSmart could be really important for my dog.

  61. Cindi S. (Verified Owner) ,

    My Roxie is a 14 year old mini schnauzer with Kidney disease. For the last few years I’ve had to get on the floor with her food and pretend that I was eating her food. After about 30 minutes, she will start eating. I had heard about Ruff Greens on Glenn Beck and decided to give it a try. Even though the directions said it would be best to gradually introduce it since it’s so powerful! I gave her the recommended amount the first day

  62. Vickie F. (Verified Owner) ,

  63. Troy S. (Verified Owner) ,

    Gracie really does love rough greens. She is only 8 months old so we can’t give her more than 1/2 a teaspoon. Once a day. Any more than that and she is so full of energy we can’t keep her down and more than that seems to upset her stomach a little bit

  64. Jason J. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dog Ginger, a 50lb AmStaff, loves Ruff Greens! She’s 4 years old and can be a picky eater. With Ruff Greens she gobbles her food immediately, has more energy and is more regular. Waiting for next order so we can keep her eating healthy.

  65. Barry A. (Verified Owner) ,

  66. Brian M. (Verified Owner) ,

    I love it so far, so does my pup!

  67. Christopher B E. (Verified Owner) ,

    We have three rescue K-9 pals. Our nine year old Lab mix had been slowing down recently and also had some recent gastrointestinal issues. Our middle-pal was a finicky eater – if he chose to eat at all.
    After seeing Ruff Greens advertised, we decided to give all three of our buddies a daily dose, and Wow! What a positive difference in eating habits and energy levels. Our nine year old is acting about 4 years younger, and has had no issues with her gut. Our middle-pal gets right to his bowl, and cleans it without any hesitation. Thankfully, our youngest is also more active…which is good, because he needs a little more exercise!
    Ruff Greens is good stuff!

  68. Tami O. (Verified Owner) ,

    Purchased ruff greens around a week ago and it arrived very quickly. While our mini Doxie wasn’t a fan, she didn’t hate it. So its been mixed into other foods and the most success is with tuna fish. Licks the bowl clean every time. Her areas of needed improvement are vast and we’re hoping to see some changes for the better. Her breath is notably better and her coat isn’t as dry, yet am hopeful for more results in the coming weeks. Thank you!

  69. barbara l. (Verified Owner) ,

    Maia is a Aussie mix 5.5 yr old with a finicky appreciation of food…all dogs want to sit down at the dinner table…at 8 months Maia did just that she jumped up on a bar stool across from the kitchen table and sat watching. for the last two years the only way we can get her to eat is hand feeding. we tried the 14 day jumpstart to no real results, we are expecting our first 30 day supply and we are hoping that she takes to it by the end of the month…our vet states the ingredients are top notch and gives Maia everything she needs for a healthy life…if we can just get her to eat…she wont drink if anything is in her water either. My Son started calling her Princess I think she took it to heart.

  70. Kristi W. (Verified Owner) ,

  71. Linnea C. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have two dogs, a Cavalier who is in poor health and 13 yrs old plus a beagle who kept licking her paws. Both dogs have more energy and seem to be happier. They both also like the flavor. Thank you.

  72. Lisa L. (Verified Owner) ,

    I just started using K9 VitaSmart but my dogs had no problem adjusting to the new vitamins. The didn’t experience any gastrointestinal issues and seem to like the flavor. I put in in their food every morning and they eat it right up.

  73. Jason H. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dogs will push my hand out of the way when I mix it in the food bowl just to start chowing down. Their fur is so shinny and they have lots if energy. Def recommend.

  74. Rochelle H. (Verified Owner) ,

    I am shocked! Our 11-year-old dog who is very picky has always had her food top dressed with leftovers. Even then, she would usually leave a handful of kibble left in the bowl. I sprinkle a spoonful of this straight onto her dry dog food that she’s always eaten, and she eats every last crumb! When my first bag arrived, I opened it up and thought “no way is she going to eat this green powder!” I am happy to say I was totally wrong!
    Thank you Ruff Greens for making feeding time a much happier experience!

  75. Alyce W. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dog did not eat his food but about every third day. When I started adding it he would first lick it off the top, now he eats pretty regularly every day and cleans the bowl! Also I’ve noticed his coat is smoother and he’s shedding a lot less. He’s a mixed breed husky and used to shed a ton but doesn’t anymore. Thank you for this amazing product!

  76. Brian M. (Verified Owner) ,

    Too soon to tell any effects, but my dog seems to love the taste and he chows them down

  77. Garry M. (Verified Owner) ,

  78. Christopher S. (Verified Owner) ,

  79. Scott B. (Verified Owner) ,

    I ordered for our two cats. They are both 9-10 pounds and do not eat a lot. So rather than subscribe I will purchase as needed. At first they were a little hesitant to eat their food with powder added, but have gotten used to it. I believe their coats are shinier and less shedding.

  80. James W. (Verified Owner) ,

  81. Virginia B. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dog, Abaco is very unique. He is what is referred to as a “Potcake”, a mixed breed Bahamian stray. They have interesting personalities, and can be very particular from anything to their owners, personal space and food. He went on a hunger strike recently and was only eating chicken breast, I turned to Ruff Greens to add some nutritional value to his meals. He was timid at first, as all true Potcakes are, but I was pleasantly surprised to find him eating his whole meal and licking the bowl afterwards. I have noticed positive changes in everything from his coat to his personality. I liked the product so much that I will add it to my other dogs food as well.
    thank you,
    Dare, (yes, my name is Dare, not Dave) Charleston SC

  82. Patricia A. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dog loves the ruff greens product he even whines when we don’t put it in his food now lol

  83. Patricia A. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have a nine-year-old Great Dane that has a thyroid problem. She cannot take her medicine because it makes her throw up constantly. She slept 23 hours a day before I tried Ruff Greens. I cannot believe the difference. She does a happy dance all the way to her bowl, she is so much more active and she even jumped up on my shoulders twice in the last week. She has not been able to do that in four or five years. It is an amazing transformation!

  84. Jason P. (Verified Owner) ,

  85. Carlos V. (Verified Owner) ,

    Its March 29, 2020… it’s been less than a week, so for H my pomeranian, first day he gave me whats that’s stuff look, now he runs to his bowl, waiting for his food, in the next six months or so I will see the results.

  86. Rick A. (Verified Owner) ,

  87. Cara S. (Verified Owner) ,

    Legit ingredients. My dog gets more excited when she sees it go on her kibble.

  88. Renee S. (Verified Owner) ,

    Got the 14day supply always My lab loves it and her coat is much shinier , and her breath is much better. I m a believer and love knowing she’s eating the nutrients that are killed with baked her baked kibbles. I’m now a subscriber

  89. Peter N. (Verified Owner) ,

  90. Eugene G. (Verified Owner) ,

    I feel I’m wasting some of your product. When I add it to can food there still some in the bottom of the dish.

  91. Margie H. (Verified Owner) ,

    I didn’t know how else to contact to let you know how successful your product has been for my dog, Rosie. We started about 3 weeks ago, and the difference is amazing. Her problem was weight and a sore knee. Since she has been on this product, she has lost about 8 lbs and that puts her half way to her goal of 15 lbs! She looks great and loves the new “diet” I have her on. Which is one cup of dry, 1 tbsp. of VitaSmart, tbsp. of pumpkin and tsp of chicken broth – twice a day. Her treats consist of rice cakes and baby carrots. Thank you so much for helping her lose the weight, which is helping her knee to heal without the need for surgery. Sincerely, Margie and Rosie

  92. RICHARD Y. (Verified Owner) ,

  93. Michael G. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have two labradors, one is 11 years old and has had ear and skin issues his whole life after a week on ruffgreens his ears are clearing up he’s not chewing his feet and I haven’t put any medicine in his ears, and my four-year-old lab loves the stuff he can that wait to eat completely over excited. This stuff is a little pricey but it works

  94. Michael A. (Verified Owner) ,

    My new 7 week old German Shepherd, named Harley was eating her dry kibble, but mot with any enthusiasm. The first night I mixed Ruff Greens into her food, she slowly began to eat, & then like a crazed maniac she destroyed it. Now every feeding her tail is wide open, and the enthusiasm is through the roof. Now when she is hungry she picks up her empty food bowl, & starts barking at it! Thanks for making a great product & thanks for advertising on the Glen Beck program. Otherwise I don’t think I would have ordered.

  95. john-Paul: f. (Verified Owner) ,

    My new puppy looks forward to it being placed on his dog food. He eats that part first so he must like it.

  96. Michele P. (Verified Owner) ,

    He loves it! He will ignore his food until we mix it in and then it is gone! I haven’t been giving it to him long enough to see if it helps his overall health a lot but it is a great start!

  97. Myrna D S. (Verified Owner) ,

  98. Debbie I. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have 3 dogs. Two of the three are tolerating it fine and like it. My third is having digestive issues so I’ll see if he gets used to it. He’s only getting a teaspoon of it for now.

  99. Lesley R. (Verified Owner) ,

    My RuffGreens order arrived much quicker than I expected which was great because I had as excited to see what it could do for y two dogs . They both love it. Shiloh is a Mastiff/Lab and can be picky, but no more. Both she and Liam, our Greyhound, will be seven soon and they do seem to be more active and healthier. It has only been 10 days so I only rated a four star. I want to see what happens in the next three weeks.

  100. Barbara L. (Verified Owner) ,

    I really like it but with 5 dogs now and rescuing all the time. Way too wxpensive

  101. Charmain D. (Verified Owner) ,

    My dogs absolutely LOVE it! They can’t wait for me to pour it over their food.

  102. Patricia R. (Verified Owner) ,

    I heard about Ruff Greens on the radio. The need for this supplement made perfect sense to me because I have fed my dogs a raw diet, supervised by my Veterinarian. I used to feed them goat yogurt to provide them with the necessary active cultures needed for a healthy gut, as well as other supplements. Ruff Greens has simplified the feeding process by replacing three separate supplements that they are now getting with Ruff Greens. Most importantly they really like this product and lick their dishes until they shine. Using Ruff Greens is convenient, time saving, and I’m even saving money by cutting out the need for other supplements. Since it has only been two weeks, I have only noticed that my female dog is more playful, but as I continue to use this product I expect that I’ll start to see other beneficial results. Thanks Ruff Greens!

  103. Diane S. (Verified Owner) ,

    I order the 14 day trial package for my 73 lb lab mix. She has itchy, flaky skin and scratches a lot. I purchased this product hoping that it will help her out. She loves the taste of the product and currently seems to have more energy. Just finished the trial packet and will continue with the full month since it takes time to address the skin issue. I have high hopes that Ruff Greens will will with her skin issue. Will post again after I finish my first complete month.

  104. Beau L. (Verified Owner) ,

    Took Toby a few days to get used to the VitaSmart, but he seems to love it now. Too early to see a change in his behavior yet, but I am seeing some moves from his younger self. Definitely going to continue to see if he responds.

  105. Cherilyn S. (Verified Owner) ,

  106. Barbara L. (Verified Owner) ,

    We have a 6 year old cocker spaniel that has had some behavior issues over food and never seemed satisfied. He also has allergies. We are only a few days into our 14 day supply but we can already see an improvement. He is eating very well, even to licking his bowl and my finger, if it has Ruff Greens residue. He rests more soundly and seems to have more energy. So far, so good!!

  107. Tami H. (Verified Owner) ,

    Sullivan, Toby and King Louie devoured it. I think they LOVE their Ruff Greens

  108. Hope J. (Verified Owner) ,

  109. David R. (Verified Owner) ,

    My Terrier mixes are 15 and they both like the greens sprinkled on their food. The older acting dog does seem to feel better and is more active after only 10 days !!!!

  110. William W. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have just finished the first small “trial” bag and have NOT noticed any increase in my dogs appetite, which I really hopped for , as Glenn Beck indicated. I have also not noticed any change in my dogs coat or less shedding. I will give it another month or two before deciding whether it is worthwhile or not !

  111. Susan B M. (Verified Owner) ,

    Very happy to say that my dog actually does eat this product willingly. I have tried many vitamin and probiotic supplements that she turns her nose away from and refuses. Impressed by the ingredient list compared to other supplements as well.

  112. Bruce P. (Verified Owner) ,

  113. Sally B. (Verified Owner) ,

  114. Dianne H. (Verified Owner) ,

    I have a problem with ruff greens! I cannot keep up with this crazy dog! I want more, so tell me what to do. I am so happy to see what ruff greens has done for Blue. Thank you!

  115. MELANIE H. (Verified Owner) ,

    I was very skeptical about trying Ruff Greens. I was sure my dog wouldn’t eat it. BOY! Was I wrong! My dog LOVES Ruff Greens. Now, he only eats the food I put Ruff Greens on. He has so much more energy! Thank You So Much.

  116. Ren S. (Verified Owner) ,

    Ever since we started mixing the ruffgreens to Piper’s 🐶 food, she always finish her food. She loves this product so much. We also noticed that since she started taking ruffgreens, her furr is more fuller, softer, brighter, and beautiful. Thank you ruffgreens.

  117. Tyler J. (Verified Owner) ,

    We have loved the opportunity to try out the Ruff Greens products. VitaSmart is working great.