If We Wouldn’t Take It Home to Our Pets, We Won’t Send It Home to Yours

Have you ever seen the movie “Super-Size Me”? For those that haven’t, this experimental documentary follows the life of Morgan Spurlock who eats nothing but “Junk Food” (McDonalds) for 30 days- every day, for every meal. The results on his health and his weight were SHOCKING to say the least. He gained about 25 lbs., felt depressed, lost liver and sexual function just to name a few of the problems this created.

How is your dog doing eating what is essentially “Junk Food for Dogs”?  If you are only feeding him from the same bag day in and day out, unknowingly, you are basically creating a “Morgan Spurlock” Dog. Essentially they are in the same sad situation; no vitamin and nutritional support and that then lead to all kinds of issues that you are told are “Medical Issues” but are in fact, Canine Nutritional Deficiencies (CND).

Walk down the aisle of pet products at any Pet or Grocery Store and all you see are bags, boxes, and cans! This is because it is all STERILIZED and has likely been sitting in a warehouse or on a shelf for up to 2 years! This is nothing shy of a recipe for disaster from a nutritional standpoint. It’s just “Dead Food”.

Pet product companies try to boast about their products being “Complete & Balanced”, however there are only minimal regulations in place throughout the country to ensure that this is TRUE and your pet is really NOT getting what they need on a daily basis.

What does “Complete and Balanced” even mean for a pet? There are two simple requirements to earn the badge of “Complete and Balanced” for labeling. The first being that it must pass a feeding trial using AAFCO procedures which is simply feeding pets the test food and ensuring that at the end of a short 6 month period, 6 out of 8 animals who participated have finished the test. It also comes down to a short question of “Is their weight normal?” This HARDLY states that your pet is getting what they need, just because they don’t immediately fall ill. There are still many other issues that arise from long term exposure to a “dead” food that are NOT being disclosed to you as an owner. There are no tests for absorbability, digestibility, safety of ingredients, or true nutritional content. How can you measure malnutrition under such circumstances? You can’t!

The second step of AAFCO requirements is that the test food must meet one of the many nutrient profiles that the Pet Food Manufacturers have come up with! How easy it must be to meet requirements when you decide what they are!

When manufacturers use inexpensive animal grade mixtures (usually loaded with Chinese Inferior Ingredients) full of isolated synthetic vitamins and minerals, they are purposefully giving your Dog dead food with little to no nutritional value, all for a profit, and they KNOW IT. There can be NO LIVE nutrients in these products.

QUESTION: How can you keep your dog ALIVE and THRIVING when all you are feeding them is DEAD FOOD?

Since 2017, there have been 112 major dog food recalls. That is a major dog food recall EVERY 9 DAYS. These recalls have taken place in fresh meats for pets, vegetables, kibbles, and even treats; the reasons have been for nutritional deficiency, metal particles, and even deadly contamination in the products. This seems to be proof enough that the industry standards set forth are NOT doing their job.

Now, you may be wondering, “If I make my pet’s food, is that enough?” Unfortunately, even the best homemade diet can still be stifling your pet on essential variety and nutrition. How can that be? Thiamine is a critical part of your pet’s diet, and if the homemade diet you are preparing contains carbohydrates, or is lacking in good sources of thiamine, your pet is susceptible to thiamine or B Vitamin Complex deficiency which can manifest itself as GI issues.

Your pet’s health depends on the completeness of the nutrition they are fed every day. This begins at a young age and continues for their whole life! They need complete vitamins with their co-factors, coenzymes, probiotics, and more!

One of the most important vitamins that your pets need is B Vitamin Complexes. They aid in everything from organ and tissue health, metabolism, energy creation, and SO much MORE. Experts even state that B Vitamin Complexes can make your pet LESS susceptible to Fleas and other biting insects.

What a novel idea: Protect your pet’s health and longevity by just provide them proper nutrition!

The Solution to having a Healthy Dog is really very simple. It begins with what you put INTO your Dog.  Skin, coat, smell, and other health problems ALL originate with CND (Canine Nutritional Deficiency) through poorly balanced diets. You have to choose what is best for them based on what you know.  Well, now you know that what you are giving them is not enough. We were in the same boat as you. We all have been deceived by big Pet Food Manufacturers. We decided to fix the problem, 1st for our Dogs and now for yours.

That is why we created Ruff Greens. We think you should buy it and give it to your dog daily because it will make them HEALTHY.  If you don’t want to buy it, that’s ok too.  We just want to make sure you know WHAT YOUR DOG NEEDS.

Your pet can’t make these decisions on their own, so it is up to you to do it for them. Just know that if you feed a processed food of any kind, it could be extremely low in the Essential Nutrition they need.  And if you are making your food at home, you are at risk of missing out on essential nutrients that your Fur Buddy requires to live their best life.  Your pet will thank you for taking the time today to learn about the Ruff Greens Family of Products.

It took 15 years of research to really get to the bottom of what the causes of canine nutritional deficiency (CND) were and figure out how to fix it for your Furry Friend. Our product goes above and beyond any standards of the industry to really give you a Human Grade product made in a FDA Certified Facility and designed to get and keep your dog on the road to great health!

Ruff Greens has over 20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals including the proper B Vitamin complexes, thiamine, plus over 20 Digestive Enzymes, 15 Powerful Probiotics and tons of Anti-Oxidants that your pet’s body is craving.

At Ruff Greens, we have a slogan: “Pets before Profits”.  We want to Get and Keep your Dog on the Road to Great Health as cost efficiently as possible for you. Yes, Ruff Greens is a little more expensive than some of the other products out there… but READ THE LABELS and you will see why!  We only use the best ingredients.  This is why we strive so hard to make the best products available anywhere at the fairest price we can.   So that you can rest assured:

“At Ruff Greens, if we wouldn’t take it home to our Pets, we won’t send it home to Yours”.


Written By

Dennis Black

Dennis Black

Dr. Black is former Army Ranger, a Helicopter Pilot, Stage 4 Cancer Survivor and a Naturopathic Doctor living in Dallas, Tx. For decades, Dr. Black has shown thousands of people how to get healthy using Natural protocols. When those same people asked him to create something to get their pets healthy, he rose to the challenge and created the Ruff Greens Family of Products.