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With 20 Essential Vitamins and Minerals, 15 Probiotics, over 20 Digestive Enzymes, Omega Oils and much more. Ruff Greens provides your dog the live nutrients to not only get back on the Road to Health, but the nutrition they need to stay there.

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Cainine Health can be a vicious cycle of Vet bills and specialty diets to try and get your dog healthy. We know that the best way to achieve this is by giving them the key nutrients they need and that is now easier than ever with Ruff Greens K9 VitaSmart®.


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Ruff Greens 30 Day Supply

If you're ready to see lasting improvements in your best friend's nutrition and overall health, we have a bag with your pup's name on it. Save $15/bag when your sign up for a monthly subscription.

30 Day Supply - $64.95

Vibrant Youthful Energy

Plant Based Essential Vitamins and Minerals can very quickly boost your dog’s energy levels for a more youthful life for them and a better companion for you.

Improved Breath & Less Odor

The Probiotics and Enzymes in K9 VitaSmart® Formula provide a POWERFUL tool in combating Pet Odor. Some people tell us the notice the difference in just days.

Healthy Skin & Shiny Coat

K9 VitaSmart® contains Omega Oils 3, 6 and 9 in the exact balances need to promote Healthy Skin, Coat, Brain, Heart and Joint Function.

Improved Digestion & Elimination

Packed with 20 Digestive Enzymes to support better digestion of healthy nutrition. The result of which is better breath and improved elimination.

Healthy Immune Function

K9 VitaSmart® provides your Fur Buddy with proper nutrition to stay healthy from all-natural sources. K9 VitaSmart® is 100% VEGAN product made in an FDA Registered facility to ensure your Dog is getting nothing but the BEST Nutrition.

Better Mobility & Joint Health

In K9 VitaSmart® the Omega Oil Fatty Acids 3, 6 and 9 are in the exact balance required for Dogs and can dramatically reduce inflammation throughout the entire body thereby reducing the causes of swelling and pain.

Real Benefits For Your Dog

Changes You
Can See

Every dog has different deficiencies and nutritional needs, so the results you'll see in your dog are unique to them. Here are some of the Benefits most people say they saw first. Your list may differ, but one thing is true: You will see continued benefits the longer you keep your pet on Ruff Greens.

Dogs Love It.
Their Humans Agree.

Hear what happy pup owners everywhere have to say about Ruff Greens and the improvements they've noticed in their best friend.

  • Ren S - Fairview, TX

    Ever since we started mixing the ruffgreens to Piper's 🐶 food, she always finish her food. She loves this product so much. We also noticed that since she started taking ruffgreens, her furr is more fuller, softer, brighter, and beautiful. Thank you ruffgreens.
  • MELANIE H - Adairsville, GA

    I was very skeptical about trying Ruff Greens. I was sure my dog wouldn't eat it. BOY! Was I wrong! My dog LOVES Ruff Greens. Now, he only eats the food I put Ruff Greens on. He has so much more energy! Thank You So Much.
  • Dianne H - Sanger, CA

    I have a problem with ruff greens! I cannot keep up with this crazy dog! I want more, so tell me what to do. I am so happy to see what ruff greens has done for Blue. Thank you!
  • Susan B M - Waynesville, NC

    Very happy to say that my dog actually does eat this product willingly. I have tried many vitamin and probiotic supplements that she turns her nose away from and refuses. Impressed by the ingredient list compared to other supplements as well.
  • David R - Salinas, CA

    My Terrier mixes are 15 and they both like the greens sprinkled on their food. The older acting dog does seem to feel better and is more active after only 10 days !!!!
  • Barbara L - Mount Airy, NC

    We have a 6 year old cocker spaniel that has had some behavior issues over food and never seemed satisfied. He also has allergies. We are only a few days into our 14 day supply but we can already see an improvement. He is eating very well, even to licking his bowl an...
  • Beau L - Mason, OH

    Took Toby a few days to get used to the VitaSmart, but he seems to love it now. Too early to see a change in his behavior yet, but I am seeing some moves from his younger self. Definitely going to continue to see if he responds.
  • Patricia R - San Tan Valley, AZ

    I heard about Ruff Greens on the radio. The need for this supplement made perfect sense to me because I have fed my dogs a raw diet, supervised by my Veterinarian. I used to feed them goat yogurt to provide them with the necessary active cultures needed for a healt...

Ruff Greens
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Any Way You Want It

We have found that most dogs will enjoy Ruff Greens K9 VitaSmart® right from your hand. Some will like it better when placed directly on top of or mixed with their current dog food. But, some dogs prefer to eat K9 VitaSmart® when mixed with wet food or raw hamburger. And some like it in their water. Each dog is different, so try them all and see which way your Furry Friend likes it best.

If you have any questions or concerns please contact us.

Daily Feeding Guidelines

Up to 40 lbs.

1 Tablespoon

Over 40 lbs.

2 Tablespoons

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